Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is a booster seat?
A booster seat is a CRS (Child Restraint System) designed to position the child correctly for a vehicle's adult 3 point harness to sit safely over the child's shoulder (not on the neck) and for  the lap portion of the harness to locate over the pelvic region, not the stomach. These are available as high backed booster seats,  or backless booster seats (booster cushions) in construction.

2. Why Caboost®?
Caboost® is the only full size backless booster seat (booster cushion) that can be stowed away when not in use. It can be used when traveling, for car hire, public transport and in taxis, and, when not in use, is not bulky. It is lightweight and can fit in a large handbag, backpack, hand luggage and safely stowed away in your vehicle without half filling your boot. Caboost® has an integral Velcro system which allows it  to be rolled up and stay in the rolled up state. It does not need straps or bags to stay compact to be stowed away. 

3. How does Caboost® work?
​Inflate your Caboost® by blowing through the valve until it is fully inflated. Position the child on the Caboost® and thread the seat belt under the arms in accordance with the instruction manual and the instruction image on the Caboost®. The arms will guide the belt into the correct position for your child. When not in use, remove the valve, deflate and roll up your Caboost® to be stowed away.

4. How is Caboost® different to other compact booster seats?
​Caboost® relies on simplicity. The design of Caboost® makes the need for fiddly positioning clips for the lap belt, or a shoulder belt positioning strap, unnecessary. Caboost®​ is the only compact booster designed to function in the same way as a full sized booster that can be rolled up and stowed away.

​5. How does Caboost® Fit 3 in a row?
​Although Caboost® is a full sized booster cushion, its flexible construction allows you to easily fit 3 in row. Even in a small car you can reach between 3 Caboost® Car Seats to clip all of the seatbelts correctly. Rigid booster seats simply cannot accommodate this, limiting either the number of children in the back seat, or preventing a third child from enjoying the same safety as the other two.

6. What is One Click Release?
Regulations require that a CRS (Child Restraint System) should have a one click release mechanism, in order to be able to help a child out of the vehicle in the event of an emergency. This is available on all standard car seats. With booster seats, this applies to the 3 point harness buckle release and the belt not being constrained in any way. Caboost® is the only compact booster that can boast having this feature. All others have had to incorporate a clipping system of some sort to comply with the crash testing requirements. 

7. Comfort
Caboost® is constructed from a combination of medium density foam and extra strong PVC designed for outdoor sports equipment. Being inflatable, the Caboost® is much more forgiving on a childs body, than rigid plastics and will remain comfortable for the child sitting in the seat for an extended period of time. No dead legs from  sitting on a Caboost®.

8. Safety
​Safety is extremely important to us and we have engineered Caboost® to meet with the most stringent safety standards. For more detailed information have a look at our Safety and Legal page.

9. Why buy Caboost?
Caboost® is the only backless booster seat that you will ever need, for safety and comfort, for everyday use and travel and retails for only £24.99 icluding VAT.

10. Why is Caboost only for Group III in Europe
Safety is extremely important to us and safety concerns about the lack of side impact protection with a backless booster seats for smaller children has led to proposals limiting backless booster seats to Group III (6 to 12 year old). We have taken this on board and pre-empted the legislation change for Caboost®​. We have Caboost Complete (High Backed Booster) in the pipeline to accomodate group II and III. Expected to launch in 2017. 

11. Warranty
Waranty against manufacturers defects is available for a period of 12 months from purchase.