Early Prototypes and Material Testing
Kids love the comfort
Early Caboost with its own intergral Bag
Early Caboost Prototype with Packaging Design
Improved Velcro Tabs to fix arms
UN ECE R44.04

Caboost® is the true evolution of the booster seat providing safety to children the world over.

The Caboost® Booster Seat has been developed to provide 2 additional apsects to the traditional booster seats - Comfort and Convenience - without compromising on safety. Using Air Cushion and Memory Foam Technology, Caboost® has evolved the booster seat from a rigid, hard seat, which is purely functional, to a comfortable place for your child to sit in the car for journeys of any distance. Caboost® is also designed to conveniently roll away when not in use and fits 3 in a row even in smaller vehicles, due to the flexible construction.

Caboost® is also the first and only booster seat on the market which has been designed to mitigate recoil impact. In the event of an accident, the child is propelled into the safety belt and then recoiled back onto the booster seat. Whist a rigid booster seat offers almost no absorption for this recoil, Caboost® cushions the child and helps to protect against possible damage to the coccyx or lower spinal region.

Caboost® has been fully homologated and approved under UN ECE R44.04 Regulations. In addition, Caboost has been tested in the USA and meets all US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as required by NHTSA (FMVSS213). Caboost® is internationally protected by Design Registration, Design Patent (for the USA) and Caboost® is a Registered Trademark. Our UK patent is pending.

Caboost® is a compact and comfortable alternative to the traditional rigid child car booster seats, offering additional safety and can be deflated, rolled up and stored when not in use. So, you have a perfect booster seat for everyday use and compact enough for travel, carpooling, taxis and car hire. Or even as a spare.​​

New integral Clips replaces Velcro
Just One Click and Seat Belt is Released
Caboost 3-in-a-row
Full size booster that rolls and stores
First Production Units
New Luxury Cover